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EDGE Lacate Test Kit

The EDGE blood lactate meter utilizes advanced biosensor technology to quickly and easily measure blood lactate concentration, and is used to increase performance by successful athletes worldwide.

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Price: $199.99

EDGE Lactate Test Strips (Box of 25)

EDGE Lactate Test Strips are designed specifically for the quantitative measurement of lactate in whole blood in conjunction with the EDGE Lactate Meter.

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Price: $49.99

EDGE Lancets (Box of 50)

Contains 50 replacement lancets. Do not reuse lancets. Using a new lancet for each test helps to avoid infection and ensures accurate test results. These genuine OEM lancets are guaranteed to work with the same quality and precision as the original ones that came with your EDGE lancing device.

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Price: $8.99

EDGE Control Solution (Optional)

The purpose of the control solution test is to validate the performance of the EDGE Lactate Meter by using a testing solution with a known range of lactate. A control solution test that falls within the acceptable range indicates the user's technique is appropriate and both the Meter and Test Strip are functioning properly together.

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Price: $39.99

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Lactate Information

Lactate testing is done with endurance athletes to calculate their lactate threshold, which is the point during training just before the lactate level increases exponentially. This type of testing provides a total body summary of what is occurring as a global indicator of intensity from work. Proper athlete evaluation uses some resting baseline testing, and evaluations of athlete responses to incremental training factor in those resting numbers. The most important trend that coaches look for is adaptation to the work being placed on the athlete. If the same workload is easier for the body, the athlete is increasing their fitness.

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