EDGE Test Kit

EDGE Lactate Test Kit

The EDGE blood lactate meter utilizes advanced biosensor technology to quickly and easily measure blood lactate concentration, and is used to increase performance by successful athletes worldwide.

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Price: $199.99

EDGE Features

  • High precision tester requiring a small blood volume (only 3µL)
  • Easy three-step operation with results in 45 seconds
  • Convertible mg/dL or µmol/L
  • Memory recall for 300 test results
  • Lightweight and portable

Test Kit Contents

  • Lactate Meter
  • 5 Test Strips
  • Code Card
  • Lancing device
  • 5 Lancets
  • Meter checker
  • 3V 2032 Lithium battery
  • User guide
  • Wallet

The EDGE Blood Lactate Test Kit comes with a Hardware Meter Checker which can help ensure that the electronics in the meter are working properly. This test should be done on a brand-new meter, or when the performance of the meter needs to be confirmed. For additional accuracy verification, the optional EDGE Control Solution may be purchased.

EDGE Test Kit Contents

Our Customers

Hospitals and biomedical facilities rely on The EDGE Lactate Meter's laboratory-accurate results, while professional athletes and collegiate sports teams use our meter to train and perform at peak levels of performance. See a list of teams and medical facilities who trust EDGE Lactate products.


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